Retirement Tribute

Tribute to Reverend Murphy

We’re gathered here to honor you
On this momentous day
For forty years you’ve guided us
And you deserved great praise

It all began one summer Sunday
Back in ’54
Our little church sat waiting
For you to come along

You’ve had your hands full ever since
Saving all our souls
Though you were young you had great vision
And such lofty goals

Like adding on a parsonage
And a glorious new church, too
Your programs kept expanding
As our congregation grew

You’ve always been for progress
Moving us along
Building a community
Where we can all belong

With kids and grandkids of your own
You know of life’s demands
And with an understanding heart
You lend a guiding hand

Without you as a mentor
Youngsters could have gone astray
Instead they stayed in school
And some are ministrs today

More than five hundred students
Have gone on to higher ed
Your infludence was what it took
To make them forge ahead

You’ve handled them with humor
And the patience of a saint
But then you had those attributes
Before you were ordained

While some of us still struggle
With our ABC’s
Your active mind keeps learning
Racking up degrees

Under your direction
There  are services in place
We benefit from all of them
They’ve been a saving grace

Day care, education
Training that can open doors
Fuel assistance, recreation
Health care and much more

Young people starting out
Will have a chance to own a home
Thanks to your creative programs
They can get a loan

And seniors needn’t worry
Where they’ll spend their golden years
The housing which you plan for them
Has helped to ease their fears

We even have a Credit Uion
With all kinds of perks
Never do you cease to have
Ideas in the works

Ways to help the homeless
And families facing AIDS
Innovations constantly
Are being put in place

You have one thousand congregants
Whom you’ve helped pull through
Thank you, Reverend Murphy
We owe our lives to you!

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