Happy 95th Birthday Poem

Congratulations and hugs on your very big day
You may be 95 but don’t look it, no way

No wrinkles or sags on that beautiful face
While we’re showing our age at an alarming pace

Don’t know how you do it, you’re one of a kind
It’s more than genetics, it’s your state of mind

You’ve never let anything get you down
Working and traveling left no time to frown

Making friends, meeting people wherever you went
Enjoying each moment one hundred percent

You visited Paris when I was three
And have been the most loving aunt to me

Then Ed came along; you adopted him, too
He felt part of the family, thanks to you

We appreciate each thing you’ve done for us
All the holidays shared, the work and the fuss

There’s no one more gracious or generous, it’s true
Gertie, we love and admire you.

Happy Birthday and heartfelt best wishes.

created by   www.rhymeshop.com

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